Taylor Mauck - Sunweaver Founder
As the new millennium dawns, we have much to reflect upon, especially in regard to the 20th century. The argument can be made that the last one hundred years have been the most wonderful years of humankind's existence. In this brief flicker of time we have created an expansion of scientific and technological knowledge unequaled in all the previous millenniums of human endeavor combined. We have taken to the skies and the stars and have explored the depths of the deepest oceans. We have also explored the weave of life to its secret code and core, DNA and the atomic substructures of which everything in the universe seems composed.

It can also be argued that the 20th century has been the most terrible page of our existence, a time when the great measure of knowledge we have acquired has been spilled on the killing fields of war and strife, and squandered carelessly in the pursuit of wealth and power. In no other century have we ever faced the brink of total annihilation as we did in the latter part of the 20th century.

Still, we have passed through these trials with mixed success and this gives rise to hope for the future. Indeed, the years ahead of us seem ripe with promise. Here at Sunweaver we are aware of this. Everyone who has been involved with Sunweaver has been motivated by love and respect and in some small way has worked for a safer, cleaner world. Our approach to some of the tangles of modern technology have not been to ignore it or to exploit it, but rather to redirect our thinking about how we live our daily lives in respect to our use of resources. The business of Sunweaver is to contribute to the momentum toward resource efficient living. This focus is particularly important in light of increasing evidence of shrinking planetary natural resources.

Sunweaver's Energy Showroom and Solar Cafe
Since 1985, Sunweaver has worked diligently to make available to our customers the information and equipment needed to live more fully while consuming less. Sunweaver has traveled extensively throughout the Northeast demonstrating the practical value of solar energy and related technologies, combining education and business with music and sunshine and continues to work toward making the beginning of the new millennium truly the "dawn of the solar age".

If you are wondering about our name it is a joining of the sun, the primal force of life from which all life springs, and a weaver intricately spinning the web that binds all things. This is our mission, an awakening to the sun, the earth, the people and the history that says we could all live together as one.

If you live in New England or are traveling through please come and visit us. Our energy showroom and our home have our products in daily use. We have a knowledgeable sales staff available to personally answer your questions. We are located on Route 4 in Northwood, New Hampshire. We can also be found on the road throughout the northeast all summer long with the Traveling Solar Show. You can find us at fairs and festivals providing solar sound along with our solar juice bar. Call us or check our schedule of events for our current bookings.


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