Sunweaver specializes in renewable energy for independent and back-up power but, a broader concept underlies Sunweaver's purpose. We refer to this principle as resource efficient living. Simply put, this means that we live our lives with an intentional concern to make choices that use the resources available to us in a conscientious and efficient manner. For most of us, this effort begins at home.

At Sunweaver we tell our visitors that it is more important to focus on developing resource conserving homes and lifestyles than it is to convert to renewable energy. People ask about putting up solar arrays to save money or help the environment. Our response is to suggest, strongly, that it is more important for them to replace the electric cook range or water heater with non-electric appliances, to change to compact fluorescent lighting, upgrade existing heating systems and to install better doors, windows and insulation. These changes are not as "sexy" as adding solar, but can result in much greater savings for the individual and the environment. Adding solar to a home after making these changes becomes much more beneficial to the environment.

We have examples throughout our showroom of very efficient appliances for the home including heating, refrigeration, lighting, cooking, and water heating. Whether or not your home is "off grid" you can benefit from the use of these efficient appliances. For example, the Monitor heater, one of our most popular appliances can heat a two thousand square foot home here in New England for under $400 a year. This is a real savings the consumer can pocket. The Monitor also eases the burden on the environment by using fuel in a very efficient burn process.

While we want to see more people with their own renewable energy systems, our company is for everyone. We can all take a look at our daily choices in how we consume energy (and other things) and strive to be more efficient in the process. Everyone benefits from this effort!


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